Resources: Websites

Here are some websites worth looking at as a dissertating lit. scholar:


PhinisheD is a discussion and support group for students who seek help finishing their dissertations or theses.  A well-established board with a great deal of information available, as well as extensive boards for discussion of dissertation writing in all its many dimensions.  Requires the use of much alliteration involving misspellings of words containing “f” sounds.

Chronicle of Higher Education

This is the standard weekly periodical in the field of higher education.  A subscription (available through many university libraries) is required for full access.  Includes many columns on graduate school, dissertating, writing, and publishing: use the search function to find what you need.  I find the “Professor Hacker” column to be particularly interesting, and getting in the habit of reading The Chronicle is not a bad idea if you are headed for a career in higher education.  Just don’t waste too much time on the forum boards.

Inside Higher Ed

Nipping at the heels of the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed includes equally strong material on graduate school, dissertating, and publishing with a little more attention to blogs and internet material, including “Mama PhD,” for scholars who are parenting. The articles by Kerry Ann Rockquemore on writing are particularly helpful.

Rockquemore is now affiliated with the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, a private organization that offers workshops and coaching on faculty writing and time management.  There is a level of membership at this site which is free (and seems to include using the online forums), and a second level that costs $120 per year for graduate students.  I have not used this site, but I’m impressed by the resources page  and by Rockquemore’s advice columns from Inside Higher Ed.


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