I am an English Professor at Northeastern University, and I have created this blog to help graduate students who are working on doctoral dissertations in literature.  The aim of this information is to help you develop a writing habit.  (Such a habit may be useful for those beyond the dissertation stage as well—just substitute “manuscript” for “dissertation” in what follows.)

Begin by reading the *Ten Steps* (see tab in the menu bar above). I recommend reading the steps listed here and then focusing on one or two steps that seem most promising to you.  So (with apologies to 12-steppers everywhere) — choose a step and work it.  Return to the *Ten Steps* page and the resource listings (also tabs on the menu above) every once in a while and check in on your own developing habit.  Please share in this endeavor by posting your own ideas and suggestions as to what has worked well for you.

This is a work in progress, so I’ll continue to rearrange and post resources when I find them, or when you alert me to them. We’ll see what emerges.  I won’t be posting regularly–consider this more of a resource site than a blog–but I encourage you to revisit and to contribute in order to develop and sustain your writing habit.

—Elizabeth Maddock Dillon